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4 drabbles

only one | sungyeol/myungsoo | pg
summary : sungyeol is myungsoo's only one
a/n : i wanted to write myungyeol. watch as i fail.

myungsoo always thinks.
when the camera is not on him, he thinks. when it's just a normal day, he thinks. in the dressing room while he's being styled, he thinks. he won't snap out of it- only when someone does snap him out of him. but it's normal.

normal that myungsoo thinks about sungyeol.
best friends, a shoulder to lean on, an atm card, a chauffeur or whatever you call it, sungyeol is myungsoo's everything.

"yeol..." myungsoo called out to the other boy sprawled beside him during the wee ours of the night.

"hm?" still awake, sungyeol made a sound implicating that he's listening.

"would it be too cheesy if i told you that you're my only one?" myungsoo heard the older chuckling, laughing.

"god, myungsoo. yes. but as long as it's only me, i won't mind."


cannon | sunggyu/woohyun | pg
summary : sunggyu is an aspiring photographer who wentt to seoul from busan and he found a reason to stay.
a/n : i saw a camera on tv.

kim sunggyu is a fresh college graduate from a decent art school in his hometown, busan. he came from a normal family, loving parents, good siblings, and not to mention, he's kind of spoiled in a good way cause he gets what he wants, and after he graduated, he went to seoul, his dream place.

seoul is beautiful. and more importantly, he wanted to capture seoul's beauty in his photographs, in his dslr he named cannon (even though it's cannon but whatever, he's weird enough to give his camera the same name). 

he was out from the hotel one sunny day, his camera in hand, clicking here and there when under a cherry blossom tree, he captured a guy passing by and he was somewhat breathtaking. he stared at the picture in his camera, then back at the tree and next thing he knows, a guy was approaching him.

"were you just taking a picture of me?" the guy asked him, and sunggyu found himself staring.

"uh," opportunities are rare, grab them, his father always say. "yes. hi i'm kim sunggyu. i'm a photographer." he smiles. the guy smiled back.

"nam woohyun."


11:11 | dongwoo/hoya | pg
summary : apparently, dongwoo believes in 11:11
a/n : lol

dongwoo has been hurrying from the studio back to the dorm, telling the others to get their shit done so they can finally go home (sungjong found it annoying). with dongwoo's persistent nagging, they reach the dorm at 10:59. dongwoo immediately changes his clothes, took a sponge bath and he sits on his bed and he waits.

"why were you hurrying up a while ago?" hoya asks him as he comfortable positioned himself in his bed.

"waiting for 11:11." the older one answers him. "you should wish, too. when you wish at exactly 11:11 in the evening, your wish will come true."

hoya let out a soft laugh. "and i thought you weren't the type who'd believe in those."

"i could use a wish." and so dongwoo waits patiently, and when he ends. "did you wish something?"

"i did."

"talk about 'not the type who'd believe in those'." dongwoo chuckles. "what did you wish about?" hoya looks up to him from his bed.

"that you actually wished about 'god, i wish howon likes me even a little bit.'" the younger guy looks up at dongwoo and smiles at his hyung's priceless shocked face.

"well..." dongwoo starts of awkwardly. "do you- like me?" he asks, and even in the dark room, hoya knows he's blushing.

"i kind of do. and i know you do, too."


diva | sungjong-centric/infinite | pg
summary : i love sungjong. he's a diva oh my god.
a/n : i don't ship sungjong with anyone else but himself.

before debut, sungjong was always the type who would dance them noona dances, and with his never ending energy, just after practice, he'll cheer up his tired hyungs by dancing 'tell me', his specialty.

sometimes, sungyeol thought that the maknae was born in the wrong body with the wrong organs. and everyone agrees.

"you know sungjong...." sunggyu starts. "i like you better than all of the noonas." he says, and the maknae smiles endlessly, a little blush on his cheeks.

"i know you love me hyung." he makes his way out of the room, grinning while dancing to 'goodbye baby'.

sometimes, myungsoo imagines the youngest walking with a big plackard on his forehead that says 'diva'.

Tags: group:infinite, member:sungjong, pairing:dongwoo/hoya, pairing:sunggyu/woohyun, pairing:sungyeol/myungsoo
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